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We're so proud of all of the students who took part in this year's Virtual Company Program.


Over 650 students and 280 Advisors came together to create, develop and run a total of 43 innovative companies.

Check out the Company Program Yearbook below to meet this year's teams and prize winners!

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Our Amazing 2020-21 Companies





4OurPets was created by pet loving high school students with the goal of connecting pet owners. It provides a variety of services including fun image boards and competitions. 

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by Community


COVID-19 has driven friends, family and communities apart, and CARDOVID’s goal is to bring them back together.  CARDOVID has pledged of its profits 10% to support frontline workers through the Frontline Fund.

Sponsored & Led by SAP

Generating Joy

FeedxNeed is a youth-run social enterprise that strives to alleviate food insecurity in Toronto and the GTA. The company's main focus is creating the Food Map, a collection of food services in Southern Ontario.

Sponsored & Led by EY


NeighbourNet is a web-based platform that supports local businesses by providing an end-to-end sales and marketing platform to promote, sell and ship their products.

Sponsored & Led by DoorDash

Sticker Culture

Sticker Culture aims to spread the idea of resilience and culture during these difficult times. It wants to return joy to and remind people of the beauty of the world through a product as simple as a sticker.

Sponsored & Led by Scotiabank

Our company is all about putting a smile on residents faces and generating joy! We strive to make people feel better during these challenging times.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by RBC


The team is driven by a desire to make a difference in their community by helping some of the people hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sponsored & Led by Grant Thornton


Umoja is a JA Company Program that supports the presence of local businesses in our communities and GTA.  We hope to unite the GTA through the empowerment of local businesses.

Sponsored & Led by Celestica

Under the Toque

Uni Connect

Under the Toque is a company dedicated to providing quality information to aid in the smooth transition of Canadian immigrants. Their website provides information to help immigrants of all socio-economic classes settle into Canada.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by TD

UniConnect helps high school students with their transition to University, with personalized information and regular updates. Uni Connect strives to make the decision about post-secondary education easier and puts all the information in one place!

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by RBC



Volunteen is a JA Central Ontario Company that is driven to leaving a positive impact within their communities through uniting ambitious students to meaningful volunteering opportunities.

Sponsored & Led by Starke Realty

Wazee curates locally sourced activity sets with the goal of strengthening the bond between separated connections. Customers can preserve old memories while creating new ones they will cherish through a video call.

Sponsored by Newmarket Hydro & Led by Community


Xpand is a Junior Achievement company sponsored by RSM Canada. Xpand teaches seniors in Toronto about the ins and outs of technology. By doing so, seniors can connect with their relatives online and improve their online safety.

Sponsored & Led by RSM Canada

Productivity and Wellbeing


bambooyou thumb.png

BambooYou is dedicated to providing environmentally-sound products and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle in the comfort of our customer’s own household. Our business values the importance of ecological integrity and sustainable habits.

Sponsored & Led by Deloitte


Bullet Through It!


Bezen is a company that aims to provide youth with trustworthy and curated resources to excel in their everyday life. Bezen aims to educate youth on health and wellness-related topics.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by TD

Bullet Through It is a youth-led business with the goal to motivate and encourage young people to get inspired and organized. We specialize in selling functional and fashionable bullet journals and stickers to help aid in your productivity journey!

Sponsored & Led by BMO

CoMB (Covid Mental Balance)


CoMB (Covid Mental Balance) is looking to solidify the importance of personal wellbeing to students and adults during the ongoing pandemic.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by TD

Gym-Mode intends on selling resistance tubes, resistance bands, and water weights, as well as providing links to professional fitness workouts.

Sponsored & Led by Scotiabank



Inflo thumb.png

Inflo is a company that connects local business to local content creators on social media. Through emailing and cold calling we will find our customers.

Sponsored & Led by Cushman & Wakefield

Improvall helps individuals develop a focused, distraction-free work ethic to obtain their goals and increase their productivity. Improvall also strives to create impact by donating a portion of its profit to The Stop Community Food Centre.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by RBC

Mugs for Hugs

Mugs for Hugs is a company that crafts mug painting kits. They consist of 11-12 members and 5 advisors. Even though they have hit through countless obstacles, Mugs for Hugs is proud to present full packages of mug painting kits!

Sponsored & Led by Scotiabank


NoteTogether provides high school students with quality study materials for academic success. They understand the struggles in studying during these unprecedented times, so support students in their academic journeys.

Sponsored & Led by CIBC

Quartz Market

Quartz Market is (1) for small businesses, (2) a youth entrepreneurial company, (3) a series of unique workshops hosted by small businesses, and (4) a market for exclusive promotions. At our core, we exist to help small businesses.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by TD


We are a group of students who share the same goal of making people’s lives as productive as possible so that everyone has more time to spend doing what they love with their loved ones!

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by TD

Site Surfer

Site Surfer is a JA Central Ontario Company run by a group of young entrepreneurs based in Toronto, who envision a world where each student’s creativity is not bound by the resources they are provided.

Sponsored & Led by Rogers

Surviving High School 101

SurvivingHighSchool101 understands the academic pressures placed upon high school students, providing effective study guides to ease this stress and increase accessibility to quality education.

Sponsored & Led by Finastra


Seace is a company with the goal of making mental health a priority. Seace provides the necessary resources to practice well-being. Seace encourages the community around them to take a moment and seize its peace.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by Community Entrepreneurs


Soar seeks to create inspiration and promote a healthy lifestyle for by teaching time management and accountability. We aim to develop a book that is honest and full of meaningful concepts, ultimately hoping to improve our readers' lives.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by RBC


TaskBubble is a by-students, for-students online platform, built to benefit both employees and employers, and provide a space for up-and-coming industry leaders to work, learn, grow, and access invaluable opportunities.

Sponsored & Led by IFDS


Apparel and Merchandise


Maskarade aims to provide a sense of safety and comfort to everyone, while helping people to stay stylish. Makarade creates customizable face masks with your design on it.

Sponsored by Pendle Fund & Led by Community


Parasedium is a company that provides a silicone pouches which serve the purpose of carrying masks hygienically and conveniently during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sponsored & Led by Scotiabank


Salvus is a JACO company that strives to promote safety and recovery in our community during COVID-19. In addition, Salvus aims to advocate for the health inequalities Indigenous communities face by donating a portion of proceeds to True North Aid.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by RBC

Shine Apparel Toronto

Shine Apparel Toronto sells a variety of sweaters and donates a portion of our profits to The Maddie Project, a mental health organization. These include hoodies and crewnecks with various designs and colours.

Sponsored & Led by BMO


At Siku, a group of teen entrepreneurs are passionate about helping arctic wildlife affected by climate change. With their goal being to help “keep it cool”, Siku is donating a portion of apparel sales to Canadian charities that help arctic animals.

Sponsored & Led by Deloitte


Zoomers is an online apparel company that focuses on raising awareness and funds for youth mental health.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by RBC




Generation Free-Z

Alterno is working to create a place where we can educate our peers on financial literacy. Our mission is to share our knowledge to students learning financial literacy in University/College

Sponsored by Barclays & Led by Community

Generation Free-Z is a podcast by high school students for high school students. The podcast discusses relevant conversations with authenticity.

Sponsored by JA Central Ontario & Led by KPMG


StudyPod is a JA Central Ontario Company that aspires to support students in their high school journey so that they can achieve their full potential. Through this platform, students will be connected during a time of isolation.

Sponsored & Led by CIBC


Talkzz is a podcast hosted by a group of high school students that focuses on a weekly round table conversation regarding Gen Z experiences. TalkZZz also creates and sells customized hoodies each week in correlation to the episode and topic covered.

Sponsored & Led by Deloitte




CaseGen stands for self-expression. With dozens of phone case designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the one to match your personality. Plus, protection is our number one priority. Welcome to CaseGen, where style meets protection.

Sponsored & Led by Scotiabank


Electrify is a company that is committed to delivering their products with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Electrify stands for respect the need of their customers, while delivering good quality products.

Sponsored & Led by Marsh & McLennan Companies


Shock Tournaments

Shock Tournaments strives to create a welcome environment for all gamers. Our service is a tournament platform where gamers can compete in their favourite titles to win a monetary prize.

Sponsored & Led by Capco

MarketAngelo is a JA Company creating an ESG investment platform to grow a sustainable world and future of investing. Our interactive learning platform aims to educate users about the relationship between sustainable investing and pursuing profits.

Sponsored & Led by Deloitte