JA’s Company Program offers a group of high school students an opportunity to take an eight month journey of triumphs, failures, and, ultimately, discovery.

The entrepreneurial program is an inclusive opportunity for students in grades 9-12 across Central Ontario, which is offered to students free of charge. Generous corporate partners throughout the community not only provide the funding for the program but also provide the meeting space and most importantly employees from their organization who act as volunteer mentors (referred to as Advisors).


The group of students, under the guidance of their advisors, creates, manages, and liquidates a business in 18 weeks. They use real money, real products, and have real customers. Company Program gives student participants important real world experience; helping to build their confidence and pushing them to go beyond what they think is possible.




In Company Program you will not only learn how to run a business, but will also meet new friends, connect with mentors, network with professionals and gain skills and experience to help you land your first job in the career you decide to pursue.


Company Program Awards

At the conclusion of the Company Program, students are nominated for various awards (both individual & group). Finalists move onto Interview Night, where they are asked to present before a panel of judges. The winners are then recognized at the annual ventureON celebration in May.

JA Canada National Awards & Scholarships

Each year Junior Achievement of Canada awards over $10,000 in scholarships and awards to participants of JA programs. For more information on JA Canada Awards & Scholarships click here.



In addition to the 18-week after school program, students participating in the company program may have the opportunity to attend one of our many signature events.


JA Central Ontario Governors' Dinner


Each year JA Central Ontario brings together business professionals representing over 55 corporations along with over 120 Company Program Achievers at the annual Governors' Dinner. The dinner celebrates the impact made as a result of the combined efforts of JA's stakeholders. Student representatives are selected to attend the event where they not only have the opportunity to be a guest of one of our corporate partners, but also attend a student networking etiquette session.




Student Management Training (SMT)


Student Management Training is attended by all of the elected executives from  Company Programs across Central Ontario. Students are mandated to attend a full day training focusing on development in the areas of leadership, communication, problem solving conflict management and teamwork. Students also receive group training and attend breakout sessions led by Company Program Advisors.

​​​​Trade Show


JA Central Ontario's Company Program Trade Show is an opportunity for select students to sell their Company Program products in downtown Toronto to the general public.  During the day students will also attend a sales workshop to improve their sales pitch skills. The Trade Show is a public event, so friends, family, and colleagues are more the welcome to check out the impressive companies our achievers have created!

Interview Night


Company Program Interview Night brings together the finalists from over 40 different JA Central Ontario companies. These achievers who have been selected as finalists based on their written nominations will have the opportunity to present their case as to why they should be award recipients to a panel of industry professionals who act as our judges. Interview Night scores are combined with nomination scores to determine our winners.

ventureON Celebration


The JA Central Ontario Company Program ventureON Celebration brings together student Achievers, volunteer Advisors, sponsors, parents, educators, alumni & other special guests to celebrate the 18-week Company Program experience. Companies, individuals and advisors are recognized at the ceremony for the hard work and dedication they have put into the program.