Please find information below on Awards, Scholarships and the Team Challenge. This page will be updated throughout the year. 


Every year, Junior Achievement of Central Ontario recognizes outstanding Company Program students through individual and group awards. Students are nominated for various awards and the winners are recognized at the virtual ventureON celebration in May. Additional Award information is coming soon!


JA Canada awards over $10,000 in scholarships and awards to participants of JA programs. More information on JA Canada Scholarships will be posted in the second half of the program.


Throughout the Company Program year, teams can collect points for participating in various activities, and challenges, having high attendance and for meeting deadlines. 

Example of points that will be awarded are outlined here. As well, JA has the right to add in additional challenges throughout the year that will be communicated through email to advisors and students. 

The team with the highest point score at the conclusion of the program will be awarded the Team Challenge Award.

To submit for Team Challenge Points

Most submissions for Team Challenge points should be uploaded to Dropbox here. Be sure to name the file with your team name so that we can track your entry. Due dates and other instructions for entries will be updated throughout the year in the blue box below. 

Team Challenge 

Leader board

*Keep in mind that points are only calculated if the deadline for that particular item has passed. 

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Current Team

Challenge Points

*This box will be updated throughout the year with current ways your team can earn points​ & how to submit