Changemaker Award
The changemaker award recognizes outstanding Company Program Achievers who have made a positive contribution to the company morale. This award can be described as the “heart award” and recognizes Achievers that put in extra effort to make the Company Program experience a positive one for all team members. The changemakers from each Company Program team were selected by their Advising Team. 
Changemaker Scholarship - *NEW THIS YEAR*
Thanks to our generous sponsor, CNA Canada, all changemakers are invited to apply to the Changemaker Scholarship. One changemaker will be selected by the end of June by judges at CNA Canada to receive a $1000 scholarship. Details on how to apply can be found below. 
Changemaker Scholarship Timeline
May 11th - Changemakers announced at ventureON
June 5th - Video submissions due for Changemakers scholarship
Beginning of July - Winner announced
How to Apply
  • Record a video (maximum 2 minutes) which explains how you made a positive contribution to the company morale and made the Company Program experience enjoyable for all team members  (see below for Video Tips).

  • Applications must be submitted through the link below. No email applications will be accepted.

Video Tips

  • Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes in length and be in mp4 format.

  • We are not looking for a professionally shot video – however, it is very important that the audio be heard clearly for judges to understand your message.

  • A video can be filmed on any device – smart phone, laptop, webcam, etc.

  • Do not include footage of anyone who hasn’t given consent to appear in the film or use copyrighted music/images. Unless you tell us otherwise, we have a right to use this video on our digital channels and in our digital marketing campaigns.


What should you include in the video?

We want to know about how you made a positive contribution to the company morale and made the Company Program experience enjoyable for all team members. Here is what you need to include in your video:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself – your first name, age, where you’re from and your company

  • How you fit the role of the changemaker?

  • Why do you think you should win the Changemakers Scholarship?

  • We want to see YOU in the video speaking so please make sure that you're on camera in the video (not just an animation or graphic).

  • You may wish to include graphics and/or other footage to support the application (such as footage of your company in action).

You will be evaluated on the categories below. You can look at the suggested topic questions below to help you frame your video. 

  • Team engagement - how you motivated and encouraged your team members to participate and go above and beyond

  • Recognition - how you recognized and celebrated success, and showed appreciation for your peers and advisors

  • Inclusivity - how you fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment

  • Reflection - how you have made a positive contribution within your team

Suggested Topic Questions

You don't have to answer all of the suggested topic questions - these are to provide you with some guidance on how to frame your video

  • How did you lead by example and inspire others with your positive outlook?

  • How did you demonstrate a deep-rooted sense of empathy and caring for others?
  • How were you mindful of your actions and words and how it can affect others?
  • How were you present fully in discussions and conversations and encouraged others to share and engage?
  • How were you curious and willing to listen, learn, explore and understand?
  • How were you a team player and helped to motivate and encourage teammates?
  • How did you recognize and celebrate the success and achievements of your peers?
  • How did you demonstrate appreciation and gratitude for your fellow peers and advisors?
  • How did you step up, identifying opportunities to improve the Company Program experience for yourself and for others?
  • How were you inclusive and welcoming of all individuals in the program?
Application Tip
  • Make sure you start working on your video in advance of the deadline to account for editing, reviewing, and any unforeseen circumstances. Try not to complete this last minute!
Application Deadline
  • $1000 Post-Secondary Scholarship provided by CNA Canada
  • Scholarship winners will be required to provide proof of high school graduation in order to receive the scholarship funds. If the student defers enrolment, JA Central Ontario will hold the funds in trust until the student is able to provide proof of enrolment.

What happens after you have submitted your application? 
  • Applications will be reviewed by external judges from the scholarship sponsor

  • The winner will be announced at the end of June and will be contacted via email

If you have any questions, please reach out to the CP Team at