To recognize the company that achieves the best overall performance in all areas of operations. There will be a winner recognized in each of the following Company of the Year categories: Retail/Manufacturing, Technology and Social Enterprise.

Minimum Criteria to Apply
  • The company's business plan must have been previously submitted
  • The company's final shareholders' report must be submitted by the deadline (April 8, 2022)
  • Fixed Costs ($150) and JA Taxes (if applicable) must be paid
  • Minimum 80% average attendance rate for the team
  • Minimum 220 team challenge points
  • Companies short-listed as finalists will have their financials audited and any discrepancies may affect team standings
  • Teams do not require a nomination from an advisor to apply but the application will require an advisor to endorse the submission for accuracy

How to Apply
  • You will be asked to create an account and will be able to save your application as you go.

  • You will be asked to select which category (Retail/Manufacturing, Technology, Social Enterprise) your team would like to be considered for. You can only self-select one category based on the criteria below. 

    • Retail/Manufacturing

      • The primary product of the company is made, sourced or designed by a group of students and was sold using drop-shipping or delivery method.

      • Product sales is the primary source of revenue.

    • Technology

      • The primary product of the company is technology-based, like an app, educational or interactive website or a game. 

      • Technology development and use is foundational in the business case.

      • Online services, event tickets, ads/sponsorship or digital sales are the primary sources of revenue.

    • Social Enterprise

      • The primary purpose of the company is focused on developing a solution to a social challenge, such as greenhouse gas emissions, mental wellness or homelessness. It is a for profit business focused on social purpose.

      • Although we understand many companies will support charities through product sales, that in and of itself doesn’t mean the company is a social enterprise.

      • Sponsorship or product sales are the primary sources of revenue and a % of revenue is re-invested into social purpose.

  • You will be asked to include the name and email of an advisor to endorse your application. They will be sent a copy of your submission automatically by email and a request for endorsement.

  • Advisors are not required to provide any additional references beyond the endorsement.

  • Applications must be submitted through the link above. No email applications will be accepted.

Application Tip
  • Make sure you start writing your application in advance of the deadline to account for editing, reviewing, and any unforeseen circumstances. Try not to submit your answers last minute!
  • You can save your application online and return to it. It does not have to be completed all at once. 
  • If you plan on working offline, take note of the word limits to ensure that you don't run into any issues when copy and pasting your answers.
  • Check in with your advisors to determine who you should include in your application for the endorsement.
Application Deadline 
Friday, April 1st, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. 
Complete the application form online here:
What happens after you have submitted your application?
  • Applications will be reviewed by external preliminary judges.
  • Short-listed candidates will be determined to move on to Student Interview Night. 
Student Interview Night
  • Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by a panel of judges selected by JA Central Ontario.
  • Interviews will be held virtually on Tuesday, April 26th between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. 
  • Specific instructions will be sent to all finalists.
  • To be eligible for an award, students MUST attend Interview Night.
Selection Process
  • The award winner will be selected on the basis of their combined written responses and interview
  • The award winner will be announced at our virtual ventureON celebration on Wednesday, May 11th, from 5 to 6:30 p.m.
Preliminary Judging Rubric
Your written application will be reviewed based on the following:
  • Company Overview
    • Product/Service fills a need​ (10 pts)
    • Vision/Mission plays a role in the operation of the business (10 pts)
    • Company is a viable business that could be sustained in the real world (10 pts)
  • Skills Development 
    • Strong teamwork skills - have teams worked collaboratively and cooperatively within their departments and as a whole? (10 pts)
    • Strong leadership skills – have teams demonstrated leadership by taking initiative and ownership through their business operations and development? (10 pts)
    • Strong communication skills – have teams developed methods of communication to run the business smoothly and effectively with all departments (10 pts)
  • Learnings
    • ​Team overcame challenges and reflected on their learning (10 pts)
  • Departmental Overview
    • President – solved problems creatively, led the team effectively, communicated with all departments (10 pts)
    • Finance – demonstrated collaboration and team work in managing the budget effectively and being profitable (10 pts)
    • HR – demonstrated creative initiatives to maintain team engagement and morale; demonstrated ability to take feedback from advisors and in managing difficult HR challenges (10 pts)
    • Marketing – demonstrated creativity and innovation in their brand and marketing strategy. Strongly defined their competitive analysis (10 pts)
    • Production– demonstrated creativity and innovation in the design and production of product/service
    • Technology - used technology to benefit the team and/or product/service (can be related to production, sales or company functions) (10 pts)
    • Sales – strong and diverse sales strategy based on target market, achieved sales goals (10 pts
The winner of each Company of the Year category (retail, technology and social enterprise) will advance to the National Company of the Year competition. This is a virtual event that takes place during the summer. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to the CP Team at