Hello Achievers! 

We will share any external student opportunities here when available. Please note that unless otherwise noted, JA Central Ontario is not involved in these opportunities and you are required to follow the instructions provided to reach out if you are interested.

Cognizant Outreach and Fire Tech have joined forces to run a series of free workshops on the hottest tech topics for students aged 12-15!
We are on a mission to empower young people with technology and inspire them to explore careers in STEM. All sessions are independent of one another and no previous experience or specialist equipment is required.

Time: 11am - 12pm UK time for all sessions
Monday, February 7: Online video editing
Tuesday, February 8: Exploring A.I. and Machine Learning
Wednesday, February 9: Create a Cake Crusher Game
Thursday, February 10: Can a Computer Choose Your Clothes? Convolutional Neural Networks
Friday, February 11: Build a Mobile App

More on the topics here.

All you need is access to the internet, Zoom and a webcam!

Sign Up Here

*Please note that the times listed is UK time.  The sessions will be recorded and posted on YouTube. Make sure to sign up to the workshops of your choice to receive a link!


The Harbour
is a project of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship that offers support to youths who are taking action against the climate crisis. The Harbour offers grants of varying amounts to meet the needs of projects that fall under three themes (what we call, thematic topics): climate justice, amplifying youth voices, and climate innovation.
Learn more and apply here: