Guest Speaker Policy


As long as the objectives for the phases are being met, Advisors are encouraged to implement your own tools/resources/activities throughout the program and to customize the student/volunteer experience by adding, removing or modifying activities.


One way to add value and to enrich the learning experience of students is to invite Guest Speakers to present during your scheduled meetings. Guest Speakers can be entrepreneurs, business leaders or industry experts who may provide your team with valuable insight to support them in building their business.


All Guest Speakers must be registered and approved in advance with JA Central Ontario prior to attending the meetings. The registration form will be provided through the online resource portal once the program starts.


JA Central Ontario will actively review Guest Speakers to ensure they are appropriate for students and reflect the values and objectives of the JA Company Program. JA Central Ontario will also share a list of Guest Speakers available through our network should teams be interested.


Please note that anyone who is not a registered Advisor and student participant will be required to register as a Guest Speaker in order to attend a session.



Excursion Policy


On occasion there may be an opportunity to invite your students and Advising Team to visit an off-site location for an excursion (workshop, event, office visit, etc.) These events may take place during or outside of weekly meetings.


As with the Guest Speaker Policy, JA is open to these opportunities as long as the activities enrich the student learning experience and is held in reputable companies and/or public spaces.


Please inform the JA Company Program team at least three weeks in advance of any off-site visits to receive approval. Advisors must also notify parents/guardians at least two weeks in advance and ensure that parents/guardians have an emergency Advisor contact they can reach.