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JA Titan Leaderboard

Please find the Top 10 teams below:

*this will be updated half way through the competition

JA Titan Challenge

Thank you for participating in the JA Titan Challenge!.

How it Works

Students from all schools in Central Ontario are invited to participate in an online competition that will run from Monday, May 4th – Friday May 15th.


The Challenge games will be set with the same variables and level of difficulty and each team will play the same number of quarters. Each team with the highest Performance Index (PI) Score at the end of the competition will be awarded $500 in post-secondary scholarships and the title JA Titan Challenge Champions. The $500 will be shared between students in teams of more than one. The schedule is outlined below:

Before the Competition 

**Register by Wednesday April 29th by clicking here.**

(Prior to May 4th)

JA will provide teachers with logins for the student teams and competition instructions to share with the participants.

Game Practice 

Students can practice for the Titan Competition by visiting http://titan.ja.org/ Note: this is a different link than the competition link. Full instructions for the practice round can be found here.

Game Explanation & Strategies

Students can also watch the following videos:

JA Titan - How to Play - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKg-9Qb8N1k

JA Titan – Game Explanation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV3igi2RXgQ

JA Titan Tips & Strategies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJf_O4hLOoQ

During the Competition

(Starting May 4th)

Students will login to the competition site and review the game site, decide on a strategy and submit 1st quarter business plan decisions.

Competition Link: http://titan2018comp.ja.org (use firefox or chrome browser)

*if you receive the error code “fatal error” please refresh your browser

Username – provided by teacher

Password – titan

Game – Select Nov 2019 Titan Challenge

May 4-15th  

Students will have until 5pm each day to submit their business plan decisions. The quarter will open at 8am and will close at 5pm at the end of each day. Please note that the game will be automatically rolling over each day, therefore we can not delay the game or revert a quarter if students miss the 5pm deadline each day. The quarters will also be rolling over on the weekends, but students are NOT to input decisions on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that teams will be disqualified if they input any decisions on Saturday or Sunday as this will give them an unfair advantage.

May 15th

The competition game will close at 5pm

May 18th

The student team with the highest PI score from all schools will be announced as the winner and scholarships will be awarded.

Competition Guidelines & Rules

To be eligible for scholarships and the title JA Titan Champions players must follow the guidelines and rules below.

  1. Student teams must include a maximum of two players.

  2. All games must include a minimum of three teams. Inactive teams will auto-play.

  3. Participants cannot switch teams once the competition has started.

  4. The competition will open at 8am on Monday May 4th 

  5. Students will have the opportunity to submit plans once per day May 4th to May 15th (weekdays only) Students will be disqualified if they submit decision on Saturday or Sunday.

  6. All plans must be submitted by 5pm each day. Quarters will not be reverted to accommodate missed submissions.

  7. If a team bankrupts they are not able to start over using another team login.

  8. Competition will close at 5pm on Friday May 15th. The Leaderboard and winning team will be announced on Monday May 18th via participating teachers.

  9. $500 in post-secondary scholarships will be presented to the team with the top PI score amongst all teams. Date and time tbc.


Need Help?

Please contact Lesley Tulipano, Program Manager, Secondary School at ltulipano@jacentralontario.org

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