Have an amazing idea for a start-up? Interested in the world of business? Looking for new skills to help you get a job after high school? Join the JA Company Program - a free, after-school program that helps high school students start and run a real business.


With the help of a student group and volunteer mentors, you will create, manage, and liquidate a real business in 18 weeks. You will develop a product or service that will positively impact your community​ - learning key leadership skills, identifying business opportunities, setting goals and much more.

Any student across Central Ontario from Grades 9-12 can register. Please note, although there is no application process, places are first-come, first-served - so we encourage students to register early to get their preferred location.

Programs begin the first week in November and run for 18 weeks. In 2021/2022, there will be two Company Program models offered – virtual and hybrid. Learn more about the virtual and hybrid models here. 

"Junior Achievement has allowed me to find my career and given me opportunities to pursue it. Although you are an entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily have to be going into business. I myself will be doing Mechatronics engineering."

Parth Sareen, JA Achiever

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In Company Program you will not only learn how to run a business, but will also meet new friends, connect with mentors, network with professionals and gain the skills and experience to help land your first job in the career you want to pursue.

In 2021/2022, the program will be offered in two models - virtual and hybrid. In the virtual model, students will meet their team online for the full year and no in-person meetings will be required. In the hybrid model, students may transition to in-person meetings if health guidelines allow. Students in the hybrid format must be prepared to start the year virtually.

Learn more about the

virtual and hybrid models here. 

The program runs for 18 weeks from November to April and breaks for holidays in December and exams in January.

Students meet with their teams online each week for 2-3 hours in the evening. There will also be working time and mentor calls throughout the week. 

We ask that students commit to attending at least 80% of the program meetings. If you are unable to do so without an excused absence, you may be asked to leave the program.


In Company Program you will not only learn how to run a business, but will also meet new friends, connect with mentors, network with professionals and gain skills and experience to help you land your first job in the career you decide to pursue.


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Company Program is open to all high school students - no application process is required!

Thanks to JA’s generous partners Company Program is offered at no cost to students.

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  1. Click on the Blue Register button

  2. Select a virtual or hybrid program

  3. Enter your personal information

  4. You're done! Now wait for your advisors to contact you before your first virtual meeting in November with additional details

Things to Note:

  • Registration opens in September on a first-come, first-served basis.



Is there a cost?

Thanks to our corporate sponsors and volunteers, we are able to provide the Company Program to students at no cost! All of the resources that are required are also provided.

Are my parents allowed to come to meetings?

Unfortunately parents are not allowed to attend online meetings. Meetings are dedicated to working on your ideas and projects. We at JA Central Ontario want students to fully participate on their own and get the most out of the learning experience as possible. While parents/guardians cannot stay for meetings they definitely can come in and meet your Advisors at your first meeting. Parents are also welcome at our virtual orientation, online Trade Show and at virtual ventureON.

Can I bring my friends to a meeting?

If there is still room at the location you’re participating in we encourage you to get your friends to register for it online. Only students who have registered online can attend meetings.

What if I am not interested in business? Is this program for me?

Just like any other business, your team will need to have students with differentiated skills in order to succeed. Your company will need people focused on the business operations, but will also need a creative team to create a marketing campaign and to design your product, and a STEM team to develop your product. No matter what you are deciding to go into after high school, Company Program provides you with skills you can take into any job. You will definitely benefit from the presentation, team work, leadership, problem solving and communication skills you will gain from participating in the program.

What if I don’t know anyone?

Don’t let that discourage you! At JA Central Ontario we try to create a friendly and accommodating environment for all Achievers. We want everyone to feel welcome and encourage strong participation from all our students. During your time at Company Program you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and build strong relationships with your colleagues.

Is there a dress code?

Once the company has formed the team can decide on the dress code together. For the first meeting we encourage students to dress appropriately and to keep in mind they will be meeting their volunteer advising team for the first time!

Am I able to change companies?

Starting the 2nd week of the program students are locked into their location. Unfortunately no changes can be made other than in situations of extreme circumstance.

What happens if I miss a day?

Attendance is required for Company Program. If you do miss a day it should be for an excused absence. If you are going to miss a day please inform your advisors. If you do have three unexcused absences you may be removed from the program.

Can I arrive late/early? Can I leave early?

All students are expected to attend meetings during regular scheduled times, how else are you supposed to work with your peers to create a successful company?! Exceptions can be made on extreme circumstances by our volunteer Advisors.

Who’s there to support me?

During your time at Company Program you will always have the support of our volunteers. Our volunteers are working and experienced professionals in the local business community. They are always available for questions and will be able to provide you with the support you need. You can also contact JA Central Ontario at

Do I get volunteer hours for participating?

Unfortunately you won’t receive volunteer hours for participating in Company Program.

How do virtual and hybrid models work?

Learn more about the virtual and hybrid models here.