Working alongside a team of business professionals, the CP Advisor will act as a business mentor, role model and facilitator for a group of 10-20 high school students. The CP Advisor will mentor and support these students through an 18-week entrepreneurial journey to create, run and liquidate a real start-up business. Resources, training and support for all volunteers is provided by the JA Company Program team.

The JA Company Program will operate as a fully virtual experience for the 2020/2021 year.


For more information, including FAQs regarding the virtual program, please click here.



Advisor, 4 Years

JA has made an impact on my life because it allows me to give back to my community and to connect with the future leaders of tomorrow. It is amazing to see how the students grow year over year to become more confident in their skills, and to see their entrepreneurial spirit rise.  


Advisor, 3 Years

For me, JA has shaped how I carry myself as a leader and given me invaluable self-confidence to be a leader within a team. JA has an impact that lasts a life time, thank you !”


Advisor, 5 Years

While the successes are fun and rewarding, the challenges to get there can be tough and exhausting!  I have seen many students show so much growth, accountability, learning, ownership, and leadership over the past four years, and I am extremely proud to know that I have helped make that happen.



Volunteers don't need a particular background or area of expertise to be an effective Company Program Advisor - only a passion and willingness to support young people in an impactful way and the ability to foster teamwork. This year, we are also encouraging volunteers with expertise or knowledge in any areas related to digital product development (coding, digital design and marketing, e-commerce or entrepreneurship) to sign up.

Mentors for Company Program are:

  • Dedicated to working with youth in a meaningful and impactful way

  • Have time, energy and expertise to give to others

  • Willing to tell their stories of failure and success

  • Are willing to share their knowledge and resources

  • Have the ability to facilitate student groups

  • Passionate about volunteering!



The virtual Company Program runs for 18 weeks from November to April and breaks for holidays in December and exams in January.

Volunteers should expect to dedicate 2 to 4 hours each week to the program which will include:

  • 1 to 1.5 hours for full team meetings (set time each week)

  • 30 min to 1 hour available for small group mentoring & support (flexible scheduling & will vary by week)

  • 30 min to 1 hour for prep time and/or to answer student and JA inquiries (will vary by week)


Volunteers are asked to commit to attending at least 75% of the 18 week online sessions.

Volunteers must also attend a mandatory virtual advisor training session in October


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  1. Click on the blue register button and enter your personal information

  2. Select your virtual program - Select community volunteer if you don't have an assigned program upon registering

  3. Screening - JA will reach out to you regarding police screening if you are a new advisor and will contact your references

  4. Training - Attend a mandatory session

  5. Connect with your team - Meet with your advising team to prepare for the first meeting in November

Note: Registration opens in September